A Bronx man accused of being part of a terrorist network is now in federal custody.

Ali Kourani, 32, is one of two men who allegedly tried to lay the groundwork for an attack on behalf of Hezbollah.

"I know he's my cousin, but if he did something, he has to pay," Kourani's cousin Ibrahim said.

Federal officials said there was no specific plot underway, but Ali Kourani conducted surveillance of high-profile targets like LaGuardia Airport.

He is also accused of travelling to his native Lebanon for combat and weapons training.

Kourani was living in Kingsbridge with Ibrahim.

Ibrahim Kourani told NY1 he was aware there was an investigation going on, but he did not know why until he found his apartment ransacked last week.

"I didn't see anything missing," Ibrahim said. "I say maybe they came for Ali because always they called him, they came to him, talked to him, but I didn't know nothing about what for."

Ali Kourani is facing several charges including trying to provide material support to a foreign terrorist organization.

He faces up to 25 years in prison.