NEW YORK - Repairs on MTA bridges and tunnels are about to hit the express lane, under Governor Andrew Cuomo's orders.

The Daily News says the governor has given the MTA a July 8 deadline for all major bridge and tunnel projects to be completed.

These include the introduction of cashless tolling on the Verrazano Bridge, along with a new high-occupancy-vehicle lane for buses and cars with passengers.

The RFK-Triborough Bridge is going cashless on Thursday, with an accelerated schedule to complete a new ramp.

Hurricane Sandy-related repairs in the Midtown Tunnel will be fast-tracked so that both tubes will be open during the day.

Two-lane capacity is also coming to the entire downtown exit ramp.

The Battery Tunnel will see similar upgrades, with three operational lanes and a reconstructed plaza on the Brooklyn side.

Cuomo says he wants MTA bridges and tunnels performing at top efficiency to provide relief to commuters during what he calls the "Summer of hell" at Penn Station.

Emergency track work is expected to cause major service interuptions and delays on Amtrak, New Jersey Transit, and Long Island Railroad trains.