A controversial Muslim rights activist delivered a CUNY commencement address at the Apollo Theater Thursday.

"I'm still standing and still unapologetically Muslim-American, Palestinian-American, and from Brooklyn, New York," said Linda Sarsour, who delivered the speech to graduates of the School of Public Health despite pressure put on CUNY to drop her.

Sarsour was picked for her activism and work towards social justice. But critics denounced her because of her criticism of Israel.

"If you're against the Jews even having a state, that's called being anti-Semitic," said one protester.

"I think it's really sad and unfortunate that this tiny fringe group of right-wing extremists has decided to smear someone who has an incredible reputation, has been a deep friend and ally to Jews and people all across New York City," said one supporter.

Outside the theater, there were more supporters of Sarsour than critics.