Nineteen people were hurt after a fire broke out in an apartment building on Staten Island Sunday morning.

It happened at a 6-story building on Mill Road and Isernia Avenue in New Dorp at 4 a.m.

Fire officials say the five-alarm fire quickly spread from the fourth floor to the two top floors.

It was brought under control by 6 a.m..

One woman we spoke with says she believes the fire started in her apartment.

She says her cat may have knocked over a candle as she was doing laundry.

"Well I know my daughter says she smelled smoke, saw a little fire in the room,  and then boom the explosion and then the flames went up from the AC," said Magdalena Cordero.

"Thankfully no fatalities here, everyone is being relocated that they cannot get back into their apartments," said Daniel Delgado, with the Red Cross.

Two firefighters were taken to the hospital in serious condition, and 3 others suffered minor injuries.

The FDNY says four police officers and 10 residents were also treated for smoke inhalation.