NEW YORK - You've heard of tele-commuting, and this month is all about pedal-commuting.

Transportation Alternatives is holding it's annual Bike to Work Challenge.

Around 86,000 New Yorkers cycle to work every day.

This month, riders compete to bring their office the title of "bikingest workplace."

They earn prizes logging their commutes on two wheels.

Organizers say it's part of a larger effort to make the city more bike friendly.

"We definitely want to see more bike lanes every year. Another thing this day is about is those bike lanes aren't happening by themselves. There's a lot of hard work by organizers and volunteer activists that make these bike lanes happen. So we're trying to talk to people who are biking to work about how they can get involved," said Matthew Cox, Transportation Alternatives Membership Coordinator.

Activists are handing out coffee and energy bars to cyclists at some of the busiest spots for bike commuters around the city.

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