Hundreds of kids get to compete like Olympians at Asphalt Green's "Big Swim, Big Kick" event.

The non-profit sports community hosted its 22nd annual festival on the Upper East Side, with NY1's Roger Clark emceeing.

Kids ages 6 through 10 got to practice their moves in the pool and on the soccer field.

The event also raises awareness about the dangers of drowning, but encourages young swimmers not to fear the water.

"We're trying to teach a kid a life skill, and drowning is an epidemic in our country," said three-time gold-medal winner Rowdy Gaines. "For me, water has been a part of the fabric of who I am since I was a young child, so if I can kind of pass that skill along, a lifelong skill, it's really important to me."

"I love swimming, I love soccer, I love playing just about anything," said NY1's Roger Clark. "So any opportunity to give a chance, for kids to play and especially learn how to swim, it's so important to learn how to swim. I'm all for it, I'm on-board."

Money raised goes to Asphalt Green's sports and fitness programs.