A fresh pillowcase is great for sleeping, and now can help you rest easy in the event of a disaster.

The Pillowcase Project encourages students to decorate the covers as part of its emergency preparedness program.

The American Red Cross says a pillowcase can serve as a "go-bag" to grab in a hurry filled with essential survival supplies, as well as more personal items.

"I would put canned foods, a first aid kit, maybe a water jug. Batteries, a small battery operated radio and a flashlight," said one P.S. 105 student.

"I would put a book, because it would help you pass your time faster. And when I read books, I would fall into those fantasies, and wouldn't think about what's happening right then," said another P.S. 105 student.

For more disaster preparedness tips, check out redcross.org.