If you noticed any smoke or several emergency vehicles at JFK Airport on Saturday morning, do not be alarmed: it was all a drill.

"It was pretty cool, actually," volunteer Aleck Singer said. "All of us, we were just screaming and yelling in the plane and whatnot."

The Port Authority performed a three-hour emergency response drill at the airport, which involved a plane and a fuel truck, with simulated casualties and smoke.

Several agencies participated, including the FBI and National Guard.

Officials said the drill helps crews understand what a real emergency might feel like.

"Actually being dragged, that's not something you'd actually experience unless it's an actual plane crash," Singer said.

"We do these drills for the same reason that sports teams practice before big games: you perform as you practice," said Pat Foye, the executive director of the Port Authority.

Port Authority officials said the agency holds smaller scale exercises every few months for an active shooter situation.

Saturday's drill took about six months to coordinate.