It's a story that reads like a "Seinfeld" episode.

The state attorney general has indicted a man for allegedly pretending to be an architect, an investigation Eric Schneiderman dubbed "Operation Vandelay Industries" in reference to an episode of the popular New York City-based sitcom.

Schneiderman says the man - whose name is, coincidentally, Paul Newman - allegedly drafted renderings for more than 100 buildings in three upstate New York counties.

The state attorney general also accuses Newman of issuing false documents and falsely certifying on those documents that he was a licensed architect, when he was not.

The name of the investigation is a reference to a fake company that George Costanza created on Seinfeld when applying for a job. George also harbored dreams of being an architect on the show.

"Newman" was Jerry Seinfeld's nemesis on Seinfeld's eponymous sitcom.