Mayor Bill de Blasio earned himself a new nickname last night at the 95th annual Inner Circle Show.

The charity event was held at the Sheraton Hotel in Midtown.

In a series of skits, politicians and reporters poked fun at themselves and the year's political stories.

The standout spoof featured de Blasio sharing the stage with a Trump impersonator in a joint press conference.

Quick to criticize de Blasio's policies, comedian Anthony Atamanuik also took a shot at the Mayor's name.

"It's a family name," the mayor said.

"It means de Boring. That's what it means. I know, I speak fluent Italian. I speak the Italian. Great italian. All the Italian. I order Italian, I order it in I don't care. Melania has it."

In another act, the Mayor went incognito as a hipster to a Williamsburg bar hoping to hear New Yorkers praise him.

But the plan backfires after they start blaming him for problems in the city.

Several reporters from NY1 got in on the fun as well.

Our political director Bob Hardt played Trump's Chief of Staff Reince Preibus in a storm trooper suit.

Reporters Courtney Gross and Michael Scotto also appeared on stage.