Cold temperatures were no match for hundreds ready to celebrate St. Patrick's Day a little early. NY1's Shannan Ferry was there as parade-goers marched to a message of inclusion.

Irish eyes were smiling on Sunnyside & Woodside. 

All for the annual St. Pat's for All Parade.

"It's a celebration of one of my favorite saints obviously, and it's a good cause," said one attendee.  

The parade kicked off on Skillman Avenue & 43rd Street on Sunday.

Legendary talk show host Phil Donahue was one of the honorees.

More than 125 groups marched to 58th Street & Woodside Avenue. 

Irish pride was at an all time high. 

    Reporter: "So, you guys are decked out right? Is this natural green hair?"

    Parade-goer: "Oh yes, all natural!

But the celebration is not just for the Irish. 

Organizers bill the parade as an multicultural event for all.


In fact, it started in 1999 as a way to include LGBT groups in St. Patrick's Day festivities.  

This year, the focus shifted to welcoming refugees and immigrants in response to President Trump's controversial travel order. 

"The Irish who have known exile, exclusion, discrimination, we were immigrants and refugees in this country and we have never forgotten that, and so we've reached out to our Muslim brothers and sisters," said co-chair Brendan Fay.  

Despite the frigid temperatures, many people we spoke with said nothing would stop them from getting to the parade.  

"Very fun, we're having a great time! Good music," said one parade-goer.  

The parade proved to be a hit for all ages. 

"Well we get to be on the news for one thing," said one young parade-goer. 

"It supports people from different places," said another. 

A message even some of the boroughs four-legged friends came out to support.