City Hall released thousands of pages of emails Friday from the so-called "Agents of the City" in response to Freedom of Information Act requests from NY1's Grace Rauh and others.

In total, City Hall released 4,346 pages of emails. 

The most interesting, not surprisingly, are the ones in which the mayor is part of the email conversation. But when he weighs in over email, in nearly all cases, everything he says is completely redacted.

In an email chain between the mayor, some top city aides and two outside advisers - Jonathan Rosen, a public relations executive, and John Del Cecato, a communications consultant - they are writing about a story WCBS did about protesters arguing that the mayor had not done enough to curb violence in the city. The entire discussion is redacted.

Another email exchange that includes the mayor and two of his so-called Agents of the City: Jonathan Rosen and John Del Cecato. They are discussing a New York Observer story that asked: "What Does Bill de Blasio Gain by Openly Blasting Andrew Cuomo?" Again, the conversation is entirely redacted.

This is something of a theme in the emails. When the mayor is present on an email chain or writes something himself, you see a lot of black.

In yet another example, the mayor appears to have been commenting on a New York Times story about his judgement after he called the Police Department in 2014 to ask about the arrest of a Brooklyn bishop, who was a supporter of his. What exactly did the mayor think about this news story? We don't know. It's redacted.

Plenty of other emails were not redacted, but those mostly dealt with logistics around events and did not include the mayor himself.