Children diagnosed with cancer on Staten Island will now have a new way to sneak some fun into their hospital stays.

Staten Island University Hospital surprised cancer patients in the pediatric unit with two video game carts.

"Not only are they playing the game and actually exercising their creative abilities, but they're also interacting with their friends, they're interacting with other kids in the hospital, and they are able to create new social experiences through the video games," said Zach Wigal, the founder of the group, Gamer's Outreach.

The carts feature an Xbox with more than a dozen games such as Madden, NBA Live, and Minecraft.

The presenters of the carts said the games will not only comfort the patients but will also allow them to expand their minds.

"Minecraft, believe it or not, is a building game," said Jim Weller, the project manager at the hospital. "So they get to build their own world, build their own house."

Charity Gaming is an organization that provides games to children with chronic diseases. It raised over $4,000 to cover the cost of the one of the carts.