After weeks of anti-Trump protests, the President's supporters hit the streets to stand in solidarity with his policies.

About 100 people took part in a rally blocks away from Trump Tower.

Queens GOP County Chair Bob Turner organized the event, and said the rally is also to support the electoral college process.

One participant tells us plenty of New Yorkers still stand by the President, but a counter-protestor said the Trump administration is prejudiced.

"When people say that this state doesn't like him people like us who are born here in New York, you know, raised here, will say that's not true," said one Trump supporters.

"Trump's administration is not for All Americans, it's blatantly obvious," said a protester. "Mike Pence who is extremely homophobic, my parents are gay and he believes they should be in therapy, he believes I shouldn't be allowed to live with them and that's just wrong."

Leaders and representatives from more than 60 organizations were also at rally.