The Greatest Show on Earth is back in the city one last time. 

Ringling Bros. kicked off its final run of city shows at Barclays Center.

The 146-year-old circus announced last month it's folding up its tent for good, mainly due to declining ticket sales and high operating costs.

The show was met by animal activists outside the arena.

The protesters say it's important to have their voices heard. 

"We still need the public to realize that they are not the only circus that it using and exploiting animals for entertainment and normalizing abuse for their children," said Jill Carnegie of Vegans of New York.

"I think we should be allowed to enjoy our time and our money that we spent with our family for the last time," said one circus attendee. "And they won, so as far as I'm concerned, they should simmer down and take the W and walk away quietly so we can enjoy our evening."

"The best part is, I'm going to see all the animals and look at them and enjoy them because when I grow up, I want to be a marine biologist and, if lucky, maybe I can be a zootologist," said another.

Shows will take place at Barclays until March 3.

The final show will be at Nassau Coliseum in May.