A Queens councilman says the city's PlowNYC program did not measure up during this weekend's snowstorm.

City Councilman Rory Lancman uploaded videos on Twitter showing snow-covered streets in his district.

He said many of them had not been plowed in hours, or at all.

This, despite the streets being marked as recently cleared on PlowNYC - the city's public database that tracks which streets have been plowed.

Lancman says misinformation can have a snowball effect.

"You want to be able to rely on it as a resident to see what's going on and what conditions you can expect out in your neighborhood. But more importantly the city oughta be able to rely on it, so that we can allocate resources appropriately," he said.

The councilman says improperly labeled streets were also a problem with PlowNYC during last year's major snowstorms.