The Red Cross is assisting seven families after a fire in their Brooklyn apartment building left them out in the cold.

Officers say the flames broke out on the top floor of the building on Evergreen Avenue in Bushwick around 3:30 p.m.

The fire spread to the buildings on both sides.

Nearly 150 firefighters needed an hour and a half to get the flames under control.

And they had to do it while battling Mother Nature.

"The weather, you know the conditions out here, as far as operating and being out in the cold for a long time, we have to rotate personnel when we have a fire in this weather," said FDNY Deputy Chief Michael Ajello.

"Thank God that the second and first floor did not catch fire, that most of the damage just happened to the third floor," said one resident. "Yeah, it could have been worse."

Two firefighters suffered minor injuries.

No word yet on a cause.