CHARLESTON, S.C. -- Day three of the sentencing phase of the Dylann Roof Charleston church massacre trial is underway.

Friday started a little differently compared to the first two days. Wednesday and Thursday was filled with emotional testimony from the victims' family members and friends.

Friday started with an FBI agent analyzing Roof's jailhouse journal and his online activity.

The FBI agent said Roof had an account on a white nationalist site called Storm Front. The agent testified that Roof's username was "Lil Aryan."

He joined in February 2015 and posted three times on a thread about a documentary about white supremacists in a neo-Nazi movement.

In one post, he wrote, "I consider myself well versed in racism."

Authorities say Dylann Roof still embraces racist symbols, more than a year and a half after the shootings.

FBI Special Agent Joseph Hamski testified Friday that the convicted Charleston church shooter wore shoes in jail with "racist symbols'' scrawled on them.

After that, family and friends continued to take the stand. A familiar name in the Charlotte region, Malcolm Graham, testified.

His older sister Cynthia Hurd was one of the victims.

Graham talked about Hurd's love for written words, her understanding of the power of education and how she encouraged him to run for office.

Graham spent about an hour on the stand on Friday morning. Afterward, prosecutors continued to call the victims' family members and friends.