First responders say more than 100 people suffered minor injuries this morning after a Long Island Rail Road train coming in from Far Rockaway failed to come to a full stop at Atlantic Terminal in Brooklyn.

The city fire department says the call came in at 8:20 a.m.

The NTSB says 104 passengers suffered injuries, but the agency says none of the injuries are life-threatening.

At least one person was being treated for a possible broken leg.

Patients were transported to Brooklyn Hospital, Methodist Hospital and Kings County Hospital.

Governor Andrew Cuomo said damage to the station was minor.

The governor says the train was jolted off the tracks when it hit the bumper block at what he described as a "fairly low speed."

Fire officials say the train also crashed into a room just beyond the bumper on track 6.

They also say a section of rail pierced the bottom of the train.

The NTSB says 430 people were on board at the time of the crash.

Passengers at the scene tell NY1 it felt like a typical commute until they reached the end of the track, heard a loud a noise and felt a sudden lurch.

"All I heard was 'BANG!', that's it, and there were people who were standing, they were thrown down the aisle. Kids were spilled all over the place, tea, coffee was all over the place. It was really bad," one passenger described.

The Federal Rail Administration says it will be investigating, as well as the National Transportation Safety Board.