The grisly discovery of body parts in the Bronx last week leads to an arrest in Brooklyn. NY1's Tara Lynn Wagner has the story from East Flatbush.

Residents of this building on Erasmus Street in East Flatbush are concerned for their safety.

"I'm not feeling safe at all," said one neighbor.

Especially not after waking to the news that a tenant in their building had been arrested. The charge —concealment of a human corpse.

"I feel very angry because this type of thing shouldn't be happening," a neighbor said.

Police came to the building Saturday to arrest Somorie Moses, after sources say video and phone evidence linked him to the female body parts found in a garbage transfer station in the Bronx last week. A torso and leg were discovered by a loader operator at the metropolitan transfer station in Hunts Point. Police later found two arms with the hands missing. The victim has not been identified.

"I heard about that," said one shocked neighbor. "I didn't think it was going to hit so close to home but it damn sure did."

The 40-year-old suspect is a registered sex offender who was arrested for promoting the prostitution of an underage girl a decade ago. His long criminal record also includes arrests for rape, robbery and a non-fatal shooting.

Residents tell us at least part of the building is used for transitional housing and they feel not enough screening is done before new tenants are placed here.

"All of the people they bring," one neighbor said. "It used to be nice before. I'm living here 19 years."

"This building here is not safe," said another. "The atmosphere is not safe. The tenants are very disturbed, very unsteady and I feel very worried."

But while residents in the building itself may not feel safe, those who live in the surrounding area say this is their neighborhood and they refuse to live in fear.

"You gotta feel safe in your community," one defiant neighbor said. "Of course there's bad people everywhere, all over the place, but you can't not feel safe in your own neighborhood because of one person."

The investigation to identify the victim and the cause of death continues.