City officials believe 400,000 people made their way from Dag Hammarskjold Plaza to Trump Tower in solidarity with the march in Washington, choking a good deal of Midtown traffic.

Some marchers said the policies Trump could change or get rid of altogether have saved their lives.

"I feel very strongly about not defunding Planned Parenthood because I have personally been touched by needing the service, not having health care, and I actually went in and was diagnosed with cervical cancer and through that was able to get the help I needed and be back on track with my health and go on to have two beautiful daughters," said one woman.

"I think we're sending a message," her daughter said. "We're sending a message that we're powerful, we're worthy, and we're not going to just sit by idly as we watch rights get taken away we're going to have each other's backs."

Like Washington, yesterday's demonstrations in the city remained peaceful, with no arrests made.