Many New Yorkers who can't make it to the "Women's March on Washington" will be hitting the streets closer to home for a similar rally. NY1's Ruschell Boone filed the following report.

Banners and protest signs are ready to go at the Center for the Women of New York in Kew Gardens. Members are also working their phones and email list to try to get more people to join Saturday's Women's March on New York City.  

Group founder Ann Jawin says about 200 people have signed up, some of them older members fired up by the latest movement to protect women's rights.

"We are ready to go now.  We are ready and energized," Jawin said.

The march is being held the day after Donald Trump's inauguration and coincides with the Women's March on Washington.

Gloria Rivera says women have been fighting for things like equal pay and abortion rights long before Trump was elected, but many are concerned about what will happen under his presidency.   

"It is an overall problem. But at the same time, I think Donald Trump has highlighted the issues where he is not really showing much support for women," Rivera said. "You know, in the case of defunding Planned Parenthood, reversing the abortion rights that we have. I think that women are more angry now than ever."

The women will be among the tens of thousands expected to attend.

Registered groups are planning to gather for a 10:45 a.m. rally at Dag Hammarskjold Plaza in Midtown. From there, they'll march down Second Avenue to 42nd Street, eventually making their way up to Trump Tower.   

"We have people from all over the globe, actually, that will be attending," said Katherine Sieminoko, organizer of the Women's March on New York City. "All over New York. We have people from LA. We have people from London coming."

While the focus is on women, they aren't the only ones taking part.

"We have men in our organization. They are definitely coming," Jawin said. "Men's lives are so impacted with their women, and if women are downtrodden and suffering, they suffer.

A half dozen men have signed up to march with the Center for the Women of New York. More are expected to join with the group by the weekend.