High school students are showing off their tech savvy in front of literature lovers in Brooklyn again today.

The Brooklyn Collaborative School's Robot Club put their gizmos on display at the Barnes and Noble bookstore in Park Slope.

Members of the club — dubbed the "RoboSharks" — gave onlookers a glimpse into their projects.

Visitors got to tinker with gadgets made by the students, such as a Frisbee-shooting robot and a so-called "banana piano."

Students and faculty were thrilled to be able to show off their hard work.  

"We're working with our students to show off coding, computer design, wiring, electronics and what we're doing at our makers' space at Brooklyn Collaborative," said Edward Kelly, tech coordinator with the Collaborative.

"We decide to let kids know that technology is basically improving in our world," said another of the club's advisors. "And we want to make kids understand what we use technology for."

If you want to see the Robosharks in action, they will be at the book store from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m.