Brooklyn's evolving Gowanus neighborhood is the subject of a new coffee table book.

Gowanus has had a less than favorable reputation in the past, thanks in no small part to the area's heavily polluted canal.

However, a new photography collection called "Gowanus Wild" hopes to capture the way the neighborhood represents an intersection between the industrial world and the natural world.

The project started just as more businesses began to move into the area.

"I wrapped shooting in the very end of 2013 just as Whole Foods was opening. So I had no idea all the changes that were coming to the neighborhood, and now it's just incredible. I used to walk all over these bridges at night and I wouldn't see anybody for hours at a time, and now its like people pushing baby strollers and going out to bars and restaurants. The vibe is completely different," said "Gowanus Wild" Photographer Miska Draskoczy.

You can grab a copy of the book at