Activists are speaking out against the mayor's plan to rezone East Harlem.

Advocates from El Barrio Unite and the South Bronx Community Congress held a meeting to discuss the proposal.

The rezoning boundary stretches from East 104th Street to East 132nd Street, and from Park Avenue to Second Avenue.

The plan calls for building 3,000 to 4,000 new apartment units, with 150,000 square feet of commercial space.

Community leaders say the current proposal would only hurt the neighborhood.

"But they're not telling you to what degree, which really translates to, of what, of what benefit does this mean to the community, a community that earns less than $32,000 in its majority," said Roger Hernandez, with El Barrio Unite.

"You don't need new developments to solve the problem of housing," said CUNY Graduate Center Professor Thomas Angotti. "Landlords all over the city are violating rent regulations."

According to city rezoning documents, a substantial amount of units would be made affordable, but they do not specify how many.

City rules require new developments to make at least 25 percent of units affordable.