A potential school bus driver strike could leave thousands of students without a way to get to class.

After months of negotiating, talks have stalled between the union and the two companies that run the buses.

Representatives of Teamsters Local 553 tell us they will recommend that members reject the best and final offer they receive.

According to the union, the drivers and attendants are being asked to pay for future health care cost hikes, but the union says their workers can't afford it because many of them earn minimum wage.

The contract affects around 850 employees who work for two companies, Jofaz Transportation and Y-and-M Transit.

They run about 600 routes in Brooklyn, Queens, and Staten Island.

The union says the current contract was already extended twice, and says it hopes to avoid a strike.

"Look at how many children they're responsible for getting picked up and brought back home for school," said one. "We don't want to inconvenience the public at all, and it's a drastic measure, but sometimes these measures have to be taken."

Jofaz Transportation declined to comment.

The union will vote on whether to strike Wednesday night if the action is approved it would take effect November 1.