After moving a giant pile of garbage outside a Jamaica apartment complex, residents unknowingly unleashed a massive swarm of rats on themselves. NY1's Ruschell Boone filed the following report.

The sidewalk was littered with dead rats just hours after dozens of the rodents sent residents running in disgust at the Baisley Park Gardens complex on Sutphin Boulevard and 122nd Avenue.

Tenants say it was like something out of a horror movie. 

"All hell broke loose. Rats everywhere," said one resident.

"People are running from this side to that side. They are running in the street. The cars are stopping, looking at the rats. Kids are pointing at them. The bus stopping and everything," said Breina Payne, vice president of the Baisley Park Tenants Association. "I mean, it was just the place was ridiculous."

The rats scattered across the lawn, under cars and into the streets. Exterminators were called in, did their work, and piled up the dead rodents on the sidewalk.

I mean, suckers this big, OK," said one resident. "We should not have to like like this."

They say the rats emerged after someone shifted a mounting pile of garbage in front of the building. That garbage was removed Thursday, but residents say the trash is an ongoing issue, as are the rats, and that management has failed to address both problems. 

The complex is home to many low-income residents. They say their complaints to management about the rats and number of other issues have been ignored. 

"We really need help in these apartment buildings. This building needs to be fully investigated," said one resident. "The tenants need help. We have been going through this for too long and for too many years."

When NY1 reached out to the management company, Reliant Realty, the president called us back immediately. She said she wasn't aware of previous problems but maintained this current issue was addressed immediately. 

Exterminators and a cleaning crew were back at the complex Thursday evening, where a manager also told residents their apartments will be addressed as well.