A new report highlights recent NYPD data showing an increase in violent crimes at city parks.  

The watchdog group, NYC Park Advocates, released an analysis of crimes that took place in parks.

According to the report, violent crimes increased by 23 percent over last nine months.

It says 417 people reported being victims of violent crimes in that period, compared to 340 the previous nine months.

The data also shows overall crime in city parks rose nearly 3 percent.

Parks Commissioner Mitchell Silver says the numbers don't reflect the safety of city parks. 

"It is such a fraction of the crime that's happening in our city, our parks are safe," Silver said. "We have well over 130 million visits in our parks. Our parks are popular and so, while we saw a small uptick it is relatively low. And our parks continue to be the safest parks system in the United States."

The Mayor's Office says crime across the city is at an all-time low and crime in parks are rare.