The city isn't exactly known for its farmland, but there is a farm on Randall's Island that's teaching kids about healthy eating by helping them grow and cook their own food.

The Urban Farm on Randall's Island has been open for five years.

It has an on-site vegetable garden, rice paddies and two greenhouses, as well as berry patch and a tunnel used for growing gourds.

"One of the names of the game here are variety. So we're trying to bring a lot of different crops into the table but also start talking, say, with tomatoes we have a whole bunch of different varieties they can explore in there, all of the different tastes, different looks, different textures," said Randall's Island Urban Farm Manager Nick Storrs.

The farm is open to the public every Saturday through September from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. 

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