A 4th grader's wish to make one Manhattan intersection safer — is coming true.

The Department of Transportation says it is rolling out a host of safety upgrades at the corner of Kenmare Street and Lafayette Street in SoHo.

They include — an added 12-second head start for pedestrians crossing Lafayette Street, a flashing yellow left-turn light and new lane and crosswalk markings. 

The DOT says it's focusing on cars that make left-turns, which officials say make up for three times more injuries and fatalities than right turns.

Officials says the initiatives come thanks to 9-year-old Lucas Maxwell — who sent them a video proving a point.

"Whenever we come through the intersections we always see people who are nearly hit and this bothered us so we decided to make a film about it," Maxwell said. "Drivers tend to take left turns at a higher rate of speed and as they do, they often tend to cut corners. There's a bigger role for blind spots in left turns."

Officials say the corner is one of the city's top 1 percent of intersections with pedestrian and bicyclist left-turn injuries.

The new measures are part of Vision Zero, which aims to protect pedestrians and bikers across the city.