The city may be considering adding stops to the Staten Island Ferry.

Borough President James Oddo sent a letter to the Department of Transportation in April detailing his proposal to have the boats stop at East 34th Street or Pier 11 near Wall Street.

The DOT now says it will work with Oddo's office to explore the plan.

The Staten Island Ferry runs between St. George and Lower Manhattan.

However, Oddo says not all commuters living in the borough work downtown, and many have to transfer multiple times after taking the ferry.

"We will get together, we will get in a room, we will convince them to do a legitimate study," Oddo said. "They will delineate all the hurdles and obstacles and we will work together to overcome each and every one of them."

"The benefits of just getting to get right off the ferry and be in Midtown Manhattan, or close to it, that would be incredible so it's definitely something I feel we should explore," said one ferry rider.

The DOT's response came after Oddo took to Facebook to vent his frustrations.