Senator Charles Schumer is pushing for new legislation that would block the sale of firearms to people on the terror watch list.

The Senate will begin voting tomorrow on a series of measures designed to block terror suspects, felons and domestic violence offenders from getting their hands on weapons like the one used in the Orlando shooting.

The gunman in that case was able to buy an assault rifle to carry out the attack, despite having once been on the FBI's terror watch list.

Three Democratic senators from the Tri-State area led a 15-hour filibuster last week calling for action on gun control.

Schumer says this legislation is necessary to prevent future attacks.

"This doesn't take away the rights of owning a gun from law abiding citizens," the Senator said. "Only from felons, spousal abusers, those mentally ill and would-be terrorists. It's a new America, with ISIS preying on lone wolves who can easily get guns. That has to stop before there's another Orlando."

Schumer says they will also be voting on a bill to implement universal background checks for gun buyers.