Many people who pass through Penn Station are either getting on or off a commuter train, but one developer has an idea for a much more thrilling ride at the transit hub.

Brooklyn Capital Partners is proposing a 1,200 foot high free-fall tower ride to be placed on top of Madison Square Garden.

To be known as "The Halo", it would be the world's tallest.

The structure would accommodate 11 parallel rides of varying speeds, with the fastest going up to 100 miles an hour.

Each ride would cost thrill seekers $35.

Developers say it would potentially generate more than a billion dollars for the public sector. 

New Yorkers who spoke with NY1 Wednesday morning were mixed on the idea.

"I think, I think it's a great idea, it's an opportunity for out of towners, something , someplace that's enjoyable," said one passerby.

"As busy as it is, I think that's just gonna make it worse getting into the stations," said another New Yorker.

"Seems pretty extravagant, outlandish, but I don't know it's New York, everything outsize of New York," noted a third passerby.

Earlier this year, the state issued a request for proposals to redevelop Penn Station and the nearby Farley Post Office.