What looks like a posh art gallery in Brooklyn from the outside is actually a place for cancer patients to receive crucial treatment.

The Sloan Kettering Infusion Center in Boerum Hill is featuring an art exhibit called "Wooden Waterfalls".

The series by artist Paul Kruger uses wood from fallen trees to make elaborate sculptures and furniture.

Medical staff say the art plays an important role in helping patients recover.

"We wanted patients and their care givers to feel a passage of time throughout their long treatments, so changing this gallery space seasonally helps for them to feel encouraged that they're getting better and better," said Sloan Kettering Infusion Center Nurse Leader Curt Haase.

"My work is really about transformation, transformation of ones self and how to deal with that, how to rebuild your life after life comes crashing down on you," Kruger said.

Memorial Sloan Kettering says there are also art exhibitions within patient treatment areas at two sites in Manhattan.