A new study finds that students from the city's lower-income neighborhoods are much less likely to graduate high school on time.

According to the report from the Measure of America Research Group, students in Bronx neighborhoods like Morris Heights, South Fordham, and Mount Hope, just 61 percent of students graduate on time.

But in affluent areas like Battery Park City, Greenwich Village, and SoHo, the on-time graduation rate is 95 percent.

Some parents we spoke with say more resources are needed in struggling communities, while others say student success isn't just the city's responsibility.

"It starts at home, you build up to teaching the kids what they're supposed to do, right from wrong, and then they take that with them into school. You can't just blame the city for everything," said one parent.

"The government does not invest any money in the Bronx, I'm sorry. They don't clean the streets, they don't clean the buses, they don't provide for us, how we pay taxes, we pay taxes just like everybody else," noted another parent.

Researchers say factors like safe affordable housing, healthcare, and food insecurity all affect academic achievement.