The cherry blossoms are blooming in Brooklyn, just in time for this year's festival at the Botanic Garden.

Also known as the "Sakura Matsuri", the cherry blossom festival is a traditional Japanese celebration of spring.

Visitors to the Botanic Garden can view more than 200 cherry blossom trees in bloom.

The festival is also a chance to experience Japanese culture, both traditional and modern.

"They have a lot of very beautiful cherry blossoms in Japan, so they're always eating, drinking, dancing, chatting and joking, and hanging around," said Samurai Sword Soul Master of Ceremonies Yoshi Amao.

"This is such a unique space, because you can listen to taiko drums and be under blooming cherry trees, it's very special," said Brooklyn Botanic Garden Director of Public Programming Anita Jacobs.

The festival kicks off Saturday.

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