Getting kids to eat their vegetables isn't always the easiest task but a festival taking place in Manhattan this weekend all about making healthy food choices and as our Bree Driscoll tells us it is geared towards the younger set.

11-year-old Boy Scout Trevor Kilb and the rest of Troop 414 from Manhattan spent Saturday morning teaching kids their age how to make omelets in a plastic bag.

"I like it," Kilb said. "It is one of my favorites on the camping trips."

It is all part of the Kids Food Festival taking place at Bryant Park this weekend.

Kids take part in a scavenger hunt, cooking classes, concerts and get to try all types of snacks.

The event was the brainchild of Cricket Azima,

"It is important to have a healthy relationship between kids and food," Azima said. "And what better way to learn than through having fun."

And Azima's message seems to be getting through to the kids.

"When you eat healthy you have a better chance of living longer," one girl said.

"Having a lot of vegetables," said another. "Eating a lot of vegetables and keeping yourself in great condition."

Organizers say one of the best ways for parents to help picky eaters become excited about healthy food is to let kids take a hands on approach to preparing their meals. 

"Kids retain information better when they are using all their senses," Azima said. "They are tasting, touching, seeing, smelling, hearing. Kind of a Montessori approach."  

It is an event that parents feel their kids are walking away having learned important skills for later in life.

"It is a really fun dynamic way for even the littlest kids up to teenagers to learn about food, cooking, health and nutrition," one parent said.

As far as the omelet in-a-bag, the results are in.

"When they said we were going to boil it I was like 'ehhh'," one girl said. "But then I actually tried it and it doesn't taste that bad. It actually tasted really good."

The festival runs through Sunday. It is free and open to the public but cooking classes run $25 each.

For more information visit the festival web site.