When Pastor Albert Cancela isn't preaching at the Power Center Church in Stapleton, he's traveling across the borough with his briefcase of fabrics in hand to meet clients who have hired him as their professional wardrobe consultant.

"I didn't have a lot when I was growing up, and I always admired men with suits," said Rev. Albert Cancela.

While it may seem like an unconventional career combination to some, Cancela has made faith and fashion his life's work for more than two decades.

"I have the same joy whether I'm dealing with a millionaire, versus I'm dealing with someone coming out of high school who just, who, who needs a job," said Cancela.

He styles his clients with custom suits, shirts, and more.

Cancela says his expertise is especially helpful when he's mentoring young men at church.

He teaches them how to dress for success.

"I always tell them, wear your pants where you're supposed to wear your pants, to have a shirt that's clean and pressed, have a tie.  I teach them how to tie a tie," said Cancela.

Whether he's delivering a sermon at church, or conducting a fitting, Cancela says his mission is to help others feel great inside and out.

"I deal with busy professionals, lawyers, doctors, then I go back to my community, and help other people who may not be successful," said Cancela.

A "man of the cloth" both spiritually and literally.

Cancela says with God on his side and great garments to choose from, he'll pursue his two passions for the rest of his life.