A Bayside High School is celebrating its 80th anniversary this week, and alumni from as back as 1939 celebrated the occasion at a gathering Saturday.

The school, which was founded in 1936, is one of few local schools to make it to the milestone.

At the event, borough leaders presented school officials with proclamations and a donation.

Past and current students who spoke with NY1 said there are reasons the school is still around.

"We have pep rallies, we have homecoming games, and a lot of schools don't have that anymore and they try to keep that alive here…that old fashion high school feeling, and it's really fun," said Darion Esau, a current Bayside High School student.

"When you walk into a classroom here, you get a feel of every culture, every different language, religion, and it's really the diversity," said Miriam Riaz, an alumnus.

Organizers said the event was only a preview of a bigger celebration scheduled set to take place in June.