A coalition of drivers and activists held a rally at City Hall, Tuesday calling for more regulations on Uber.

They want the City Council to require Uber cars to be wheelchair accessible.

While the council recently introduced a package of legislation to regulate the company, advocates say it doesn't go far enough in addressing their concerns.   

"Where is the equality when you have people with disabilities who can't use Uber, because Uber refuses to service people with disabilities," said one protester. "We don't have as many options as the able-bodied community believes that we do."

"We stand united today, all sectors of the industry, greens, yellows, blacks, liveries, because we need to have one set of rules for everyone in the industry," said Cira Angeles, spokeswoman for the Livery Base Owners Association.

According to the advocacy group, Taxis For All, Uber has more than 30,000 vehicles in the city.

They say none are wheelchair accessible.

Uber says its service actually helps people with disabilities by connecting them with the limited number of drivers in accessible vehicles.