A former employee inside a Donald Trump-owned building is using photography to protest the presidential hopeful's comments about Mexican immigrants.

Ricardo Aca is launching a photo exhibit in response to Trump's immigration policy. He's an undocumented immigrant who used to work as a busboy at Koi restaurant in the Trump SoHo hotel.

Aca traveled to Harvard University and Mexico's Gold Cup Soccer Final to help capture the essence of the Mexican community through a series of portraits being showcased at LaGuardia Community College.

His story first received recognition in August, when he was featured in a YouTube video responding to Trump's comments that Mexicans were bringing drugs and crime to the U.S.

Aca says the exhibition gives him a voice.

"We take this issue very personal. So when some makes like racist comments about our community, it is like if they were offending someone in our family," he said. "You know, we're not going stand back and then watch it all happen. We need to take action."

The exhibit opens to the public Thursday and will be open through the end of year.