Authorities say a 6-month-old girl thrown from a sixth-floor window in the Bronx has died.

First responders were called to a building at 2200 Tiebout Avenue near East 183rd Street just before 2 p.m.

They found the infant in traumatic arrest and rushed her to Saint Barnabas Hospital. She was pronounced dead at 2:28 p.m.

Friends and family say the woman is 27-year-old Tanisha Fearon. They say she is the child's mother.

Authorities say the woman was taken into custody and taken to Bronx Lebanon Hospital Center. No charges have yet been filed.

Three other children in the apartment at the time were taken to Saint Barnabas Hospital without any injuries.

Sources tell NY1 that the children were completely naked when police arrived at the apartment.

Neighbors said they saw the mother screaming afterwards.

Neighbor: The mother was brought out in one of those wheelchair stretchers.
Q: What did she look like? Disturbed.
Neighbor: She was screaming. She was screaming out, making noise, very loud. I was able to get a little bit from over there where I was standing."
Q: What was she saying?
Neighbor: I think she was saying something about the devil or something.

Neighbors told NY1 that they spoke to the mother recently and she seemed normal.

"She was OK," said one neighbor. "She didn't talk about that voodoo stuff and craziness. She didn't do all that. We talked about 20 minutes, me and her, my sister, laughing. She was OK, I'm trying to tell you all."

"The firemen, they're working with a little baby," said one witness at the scene. "They put the little air thing on it and they give it CPR. The first time they came, they put it in. They took the little baby to Saint Barnabas. Then, I saw a break-in of everything, helicopters. That's about it."

In a statement, the Department of Health says it is investigating whether illegal child care was being provided at the location.

This is the third death of a child tossed from a New York apartment since August.