In an effort to reduce the reliance on bail, the de Blasio administration is launching a study to overhaul the system.

As first reported on NY1, City Hall is launching a program called "Bail Lab" aimed at developing solutions to tackle bail reform within the next month.

Experts, advocates and members of the de Blasio administration will examine the kind of data judges need to make the right decisions.

They will also look at the physical barriers that prevent people from making bail.

Those include not having a family member’s phone number to call when trying to come up with the money, and allowing people to pay with credit cards. 

“This is the glue trap that brings everybody together. There are many, many different parts of the criminal justice system all of which have to work together in order to make sure it’s fair and it’s keeping people safe. This is the thing to make sure all different people are working together under one virtual roof," said Elizabeth Glazer of the Mayor's Office of Criminal Justice.

The city has launched a website to get public input on how the bail system should be fixed. 

You can give your feedback online at