Comedian Jon Stewart attended a rally in Washington on Wednesday to call on lawmakers to permanently extend health care benefits for September 11th first responders.

Time is running out on the Zadroga Act which ensures that anyone affected by the 2001 terror attacks continues to get treatment and are monitored for their health problems.

The former host of "The Daily Show" says Congress needs to offer long-term care for those who risked their lives 14 years ago.

"We can drill down into the bureaucratic details of the expiration is a month from now and it's actually a five year bill. These illnesses they have are not on five year cycles. They're permanent illnesses causing permanent damage. We had four first responders on our show, one of them, Johnny Devlin, has already passed away. This is unacceptable," Stewart said.

The program is named after NYPD Detective James Zadroga, who died of respiratory problems five years after working at the World Trade Center site.

It will begin expiring at the end of the month.