The best subway station for surfing the web is the Fifth Avenue, 59th Street N/Q/R stop. 

A Global Wireless Solutions survey reported by the New York Post identifies the subway stations with the best Wi-Fi signal.

The Fifth Avenue, 59th Street stop is followed by the Fifth Avenue, 53rd Street E/M stop for internet connection. Also ranked high are the 86th Street 1/2 stop, the 23rd Street 1/2 stop, and the 49th Street N/Q/R stop. 

The Post says the Lexington Avenue, 53rd Street stop has the slowest internet speeds of all 67 connected stations.

Only slightly better are the 116th Street A/B/C stop, the Fulton Street J/Z stop, the 103rd Street A/B/C station, and the Cathedral Parkway 110th Street stop for the 1 train.

Overall, the 4/5/6 lines ranked lowest for Wi-Fi connections, while the Q line ranked the highest.

The MTA says all 227 of its subway stations will have free Wi-Fi by 2017.