Some Broad Channel residents are looking to put a dent in their water bills with the help of rain barrels.

The Department of Environmental Protection teamed up with local leaders on Sunday to give away more than 200 rain barrels.

The barrels can be used to capture and manage water runoff during rain storms. 

DEP officials say residents can use the water to help with minor tasks around the house.

Homeowners tell NY1 they've seen a recent increase in water rates and hope this helps.

“We're suffering from so many bills, and so much rising costs of living our day to day lives, so if we can see just a tiny bit of savings on our water bills it would be a tremendous difference,” said Assemblyman Phil Goldfeder, who co-sponsored the event.

"We plant tomatoes, and basil leaves, and parsley in the back yard, and peppers and things like this,” said Broad Channel resident Joe Pereira. “This will save us from using city water.”

The DEP hosts rain barrel giveaways across the city. For more information call 311 or visit