Times Square is usually buzzing with activity, but Tuesday, a different kind of buzz drew a lot of attention.

A swarm of bees decided to visit and take over a parked bicycle near Seventh Avenue and 56th Street.

The NYPD called in its beekeeper, who rounded up the flying insects by vacuuming them.

"When a hive gets too big, half of them decide to leave with the queen," said Detective Daniel Higgins, the NYPD's beekeeper. "They cluster up like this, and they send scouts out to find a new home."

"My initial reaction was to brush them away," said Craig Hanauer, the owner of the bicycle. "I'm grateful that the bees are gone. I'm hoping that they won't follow me home."

The beekeeper said these types of swarms are not uncommon in the city and that once they collect the bees, they will relocate them to a new hive.

Officials say there were no reports of anyone being stung in the area.

They believe the bees migrated because their hive was too full.