The contentious relationship between the Mayor and Uber continues. 

Uber executives issued a biting letter to Mayor Bill de Blasio after he suggested the company doesn't pay enough in taxes.

General Manager Josh Mohrer defended the company in an appearance on Inside City Hall.  

"There's going to be this closer look at the industry, and a sort of search for reform, if that's called for, and I just want that conversation to be based on facts. To be told that we're not =, you know, doing our fair share, or that we're not paying any taxes, well that's just not true," he said.

He says so far this year Uber has generated almost 40 million tax dollars.

Earlier this month, the mayor signed legislation that called for a study of the impact of for-hire companies like Uber.

City Hall says the study will look at everything from passenger and worker rights, to accessibility for people with disabilities.