A heat advisory is in effect and city officials are urging New Yorkers to play it cool. NY1's Matt McClure went to the Rockaways to find out how some people were beating the heat.

When it comes to cooling off during hot weather, one mom visiting Rockaway Beach on Wednesday had a simple plan.

"The easiest thing to do is just sit by the water and just take in the sun and enjoy the time with the kids," she said.

And she was not alone in the Rockaways on Wednesday.

"When I heard it was going to be 99 degrees, I had to go to the beach," another beachgoer added.

While we didn't quite make it to 99, it was the hottest day in nearly two years. Many New Yorkers came to the beach to cool off.

"I actually prefer the water than the A/C," another visitor said. "It's more fun for them instead of staying cooped up in the house."

Health officials say coming here to one of the city's many beaches and taking a dip in the water can be a great way to cool off. But still, there are some specific precautions you should take.

"If you're outside, you just want to stay in the shade, and reduce your strenuous exertion as much as possible," said Dr. Stuart Kessler, the Director of Emergency Medicine at Elmhurst Hospital.

Kessler says the most important things you can do during hot weather are remain in a cool environment and drink plenty of fluids.

"Water and other types of fluids, as long as they're non-alcoholic, non-caffeine beverages. Those are all good," he said.

He also says to check in with people who may be at high risk for complications from the heat, including the elderly and children. And Dr. Kessler says don't forget the sunscreen - or take an umbrella to avoid sunburn. That's advice many people at Rockaway Beach seemed to be taking to heart.