Organizers of one local film festival are accepting submissions for their upcoming event.

The Queens World Film Festival is hosting its annual event from March 15th through the 20th.

Organizers say a lot of work goes into screening the submissions they receive from all around the world.

They say last year people from over 30 countries submitted work.

 "Your story, her story, his story in Bosnia, it all resonates with all of us. It's extremely important, it's extremely important what we're doing. It's not just entertainment," said Queens World Film Festival Executive Director Katha Cato.

 "What I am looking for is a well-crafted piece of work with a point of view," said Queens World Film Festival Artistic Director Don Cato.

"People meeting each other and talking to each other, who otherwise wouldn't come across each other," added Sponsor Len Maniace about the festival.

For more information on how to submit a film or on upcoming movie nights currently showing at Diversity plaza, visit